How To Cum Like A Pornstar

Have you ever noticed how much the pornstars cum when watching videos? It is sometimes hard to believe that you can actually come in volumes like some of these guys do. I believe it is a turn on for both men and women and here are ways you can help to learn how to increase cum volume.

First of all, producing more cum can be a result of the foods that you eat. Having a high protein and fiber diet can really increase your virility, so eating foods such as: fruits and vegetables (bananas, green vegetables such as spinach or salads), nuts (walnuts, pecans, sunflower seeds), milk and eggs, seafood (especially oysters) can really help you. It has also been proven that eating dark chocolates can also help increase your ejaculation volume.

Secondly, there are a number of male enhancement pills and supplements that you can that naturally build up your cum. Two of the supplements we like are Semenax and Volume Pills that are 100% natural and safe. This is an easy way to go because you simply only have to take your daily dosage and you will soon start seeing increases in cum more like a pornstarthe amount cum that you produce. Combine these supplements with the food items also listed and you should really start seeing results.

As you probably know … many men masturbate as often as they can, for me it’s a few times per week. When you frequently jack off the amount of cum that you produce each time typically is small. So one of the ways you can work on producing more cum is to not jackoff or have sex so often. If you skip a few days (or weeks) your ejaculation volume will be much larger.

Another way to build up larger orgasms is to stop before actually ejaculating. If you can take it right up to the last minute and then stop … your cum volume will increase. It’s like a geyser building up ready to explode. Do this a few times and when you finally let it blow the volume will definitely be higher. But you have to be careful with this because sometimes you take it just a little bit too far and actually cum before having a chance to start all over again. This can actually then reduce the amount you cum because you did not get to work up to a complete climax.

Producing more ejaculation volume is actually one of the easiest male enhancement things to work because these steps work for just about everyone. Unfortunately some men make not actually be able to get a bigger or longer dick but they can take the steps to have intense orgasms making the sexual experience much more enjoyable for cum longer and harderboth the guy and his partner.

A common question is, do women get turned on by large amounts of cum and the answer is a definite yes. You have to see things from a woman’s point of view (yeah, I know that is sometimes difficult) but when they see a man ejaculate a large volume they see strength and virility. And subconsciously they probably think there are a bunch of potential sperm that can fertilize their eggs. Women’s instincts towards sex are much more than the pleasure aspect.

So if you have always wondered how the pornstars cum so much and curious how they did it … it’s probably a combination of everything above. We can almost guarantee that they are take some herbal supplements to help them out because as we said, it is so easy to do. Check them out yourself, both Semenax and Volume Pills are highly rated and get good results. And they will help you get better erections for a bigger dick as a side benefit.

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