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Many men are intrigued by watching porn stars and how much they cum and they naturally asks the question 'how can I cum more'?  They want to cum alot more not only to have better orgasms, but also to add alot more wow! factor for their partner's enjoyment. In addition, learning how to cum alot and produce more cum extends their orgasm longer making it a much more satisfying experience.

With today's medical technology learning how to cum alot is very practical. Just a few years produce a lot more cumago the recipe to cum alot was to drink a lot more volumes of liquids or maybe not masturbating a lot so the orgasm allowed you to cum with alot larger loads.

Now you can just take some herbal enhancement pills which provides the nutrients to produce a lot of cum. So if you've ever wondered how to cum like a pornstar, now you know how you can produce alot more cum.

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Another very important aspect in getting your body prepared to cum a lot ... and one that is often overlooked ... is to maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

There are several things in this perspective that you can do to increase how much you cum such as eating right, drinking enough fluids, working out, not smoking and generally just taking a lot better care of your body. Having a great sex life requires having enough energy which requires being healthy. Part of being healthy means having a healthy blood flow for your penis for it to function as well as it possibly can.

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Don't forget, women view your masculinity in many ways that you may not even think about. Seeing a man cum alot heightens their inate sense of your power because when they how to cum alot more naturallyyou produce alot of cum, they see a lot of virility and strength. Don't underestimate how important this is to women. So besides the visual excitement it provides from a sexual perspective it also makes them see you as a man that can produce a lot of semen for fertilization.

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